Inciting Fishing Lures

There is no greater fan of lure fishing than the worm. Traditionally, fishing has been the sport of drowning worms. Conversely, fishing lures is fishing with wood, plastic, or metal objects, often designed to resemble, imitate or simulate fish prey. Small wonder that worms and minnows are fanatic supporters of lure fishing. Fishing lures are equipped with one or many hooks that are used to catch or bait fish. However, lures outfitted with large single hooks are generally preferred to those with treble hooks. The wider gap of the single hooks hold fish better and is much easier to extricate from fish.

The fishing lures are firmly attached to the fishing line and cast forcefully into the water, and pulled back slowly to entice fish. An exception is fly-fishing, in which an artificial fly lure imitating insects or other fish, slowly sinks or floats underwater, based on real behavior of insect being simulated. Remember in moving water, fish always swim against the current, so you must cast your lure in front of the fish. Always cast upstream, and let the lure drift downstream with the current.

Extremely effective as baits, fishing lures are deployed for catching freshwater, saltwater and ice-water species. There are times when a lure will do just as good a job or even better. Unlike bait fishing, lures are retrieved rapidly, cast briskly and can stand up to harsh, frequent use that would cause a bait to fall off or be thrown from the hook. There are times when the optimal bait for a species or location just isn’t available, leaving a lure the only alternative. 

Some fishing lures are good at catching fish, others good at entangling fishermen. Therefore when buying lures, don’t fall prey to fancy or ornate designs. Good lures resemble the natural forage of the water you intend to fish, such as long, slim minnows, or small crayfishes, that incite a strike because of their action in the water. There are several types of artificial lures like fly lures, jigs, spinners, spoon lures and wobblers. These lures typically cost up to $10 each, while combination kits containing six lures can be procured for a discounted price of around $50.

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